Wingspan Announces Asia Expansion

Stonemaier Games has confirmed that the third expansion of their big hit wingspan will focus on Asian birds. The expansion, appropriately titled Span Asia Expansion, adds birds native to the Asian continent and will also include new bonus cards. While players need the basic set of wingspan the habits Expansion of wingspan Asia, players can choose to add other expansions or trade alone. Stonemaier didn’t give a sale price or release date, but the company noted that a full announcement would be in “early 4Q 2022.”

wingspan is one of the most popular modern board games released in recent years. The game is a card game where the engine is built to attract birds to your wildlife sanctuary. Each type of bird has different abilities and is activated during different parts of the game. The key to wingspan builds longer and longer combos that build during each turn. Players score victory points based on various criteria (and by filling in their bonus cards) and the winner is the person with the most victory points after four turns. The game broke through to mainstream audiences for its bird focus and can currently be found in mainstream retailers such as Target and Barnes & Noble.

This is the third expansion for wingspan, according to the European expansion and Oceania Expansion. The European expansion added purple eggs and birds that took advantage of a player who had excess cards in their hand, while the Oceania Expansion added yellow Eggs. This will be the first expansion in nearly two years. It is generally expected that wingspan will release a total of 7 expansions, one for each continent.

Expect to hear more news about Expansion of wingspan Asia in the next months. You can sign up to be the first to hear about the expansion on the Stonemaier website.

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