Why is the CU football program dead as a doornail? Blame Air Force Coach Troy Calhoun. – The Denver Post

AIR FORCE ACADEMY – During a 41-10 loss to the Air Force on a soggy afternoon when the air howled for them, the CU Buffalos wandered aimlessly in the fog, with that zombie look in their eyes. This is a dead football show whistling past the graveyard, haunted by a nightmare from 10 years ago when Colorado went 1-11 before firing Jon Embree.

“We’re really at the bottom,” Colorado coach Karl Dorrell said on Saturday, “and we’re trying to work our way back up.”

It may be a different day for this CU football show, but it’s the same sad song, decade after decade.

If the buffs are looking for a new football conference, I’m not sure they’re good enough for the Mountain West. The Big Sky may be more their speed.

And the feisty Air Force Falcons? They’re just as raunchy as fullback Brad Roberts, a Colorado kid who single-handedly mutilated the Buffs for 174 yards and three hasty touchdowns.

full back? Isn’t that a football job from your grandfather’s time? I asked Roberts if he was the last of the dinosaurs, or was he trying to make fullback retro cool in a Larry Csonka-esque way.

“I think I’m trying to make it hip again,” said Roberts, who wears the rock with old-fashioned, five-day bruise intensity. “I love being a fullback, especially the way we lead our fullbacks in this attack.”

I don’t know what kind of statement Dorrell is trying to make. Fire him? I’m afraid CU lacks passion (as well as money) to get rid of Dorrell, who would owe $7.8 million even if the Buffs waited until January 1, 2023 to show him the door.

Colorado has no viable starting quarterback, no confidence, and no discernible way out of this mess. When things get worse, Ralphie can move to the state of North Dakota, where a bison can take pride in his soccer program. If this Dorrell-coached team has any identity, it’s defined by those sad, old Embree vibes.

This Air Force team led by Troy Calhoun makes you wish college football would expand its playoff field to 12 teams now instead of later. At 2-0, with a favorable home schedule, the Falcons not only appear to be a real threat to winning the Mountain West, but will gain more than a handful of votes in the national polls if they keep rolling for the 435 yards on the ground. they have. used to pound the Buffs mercilessly.

A former Air Force quarterback in his 16th season as head coach at the academy, Calhoun has lived and worked in the Rocky Mountain region for almost his entire adult life. So he knows the history of football in these parts, enough to feel sympathy for the trials that Dorrell is currently going through.

“Nobody’s going to handle it better than (Dorrell),” said Calhoun, old enough to remember how Bill McCartney changed the fortunes of CU’s football program by installing a triple-option offense. “Sometimes it just takes (time). It doesn’t happen (overnight).”

Well, here’s a bit of Buffs football history that die-hard fans of the program might just as easily forget. Way back in 2010, after parting ways with Dan Hawkins, our longtime friend Mike Bohn made a bold list of coaching candidates. At the top of the athletic director’s wish list was Calhoun, a genius of triple-option football who wanted to steal Bohn off the street.

Calhoun told the Buffs no. And you know the rest of the sad story.

The task of reviving the Buffs has been tackled by four coaches: Embree was followed by Mike MacIntyre. Then came Mel Tucker, who ran amok in the darkness of midnight. And now the thankless task has fallen on Dorrell, with the transfer portal twin killers and name/image/likeness plotting against him.

Or to put it another way, since Calhoun turned down the chance to revive CU’s football program, the Buffs record stands at 47-84.

After trailing 20-0 against the Falcons, Colorado scored 10 straight points and had a chance to get back into the game early in the third quarter, only to see Alex Fontenot run back to the goal line.

“Is the discouragement due? They are now discouraged. They are,” Dorrel said after meeting in the locker room with players from the CU who have already lost two games this season with a cumulative score of 79-23.

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