Who will win Sunday’s week 7 match at the M&T Bank Stadium? – The Denver Post

Here’s how Baltimore Sun’s sports staff watch the outcome of Sunday’s Week 7 game between the Ravens (3-3) and Cleveland Browns (2-4) at Baltimore’s M&T Bank Stadium:

Jonas Shaffer, reporter

Raven 28, Brown 17: The Ravens have followed every win with a loss and every loss with a win, so why should the pattern stop on Sunday? A week ago, the biggest mismatch in this game looked like it would be the Browns’ dominant run against the Ravens’ weakened defenses. With guard Wyatt Teller likely to be sidelined and the Ravens’ fledgling defenses bolstered, it’s no longer a one-sided matchup. Despite Lamar Jackson’s recent turnover problems, the Ravens have the distinct advantage as a quarterback. If Rashod Bateman is healthy, their passing game could be a big day.

Mike Preston, columnist

Raven 30, Brown 21: The Ravens have to make a statement after giving away last week’s game against the Giants. Cleveland will present a solid challenge because the Browns are talented on the offensive and defensive lines, but the Ravens have a distinct advantage as a quarterback.

Childs Walker, reporter

Raven 30, Brown 20: The Ravens can go into full crisis mode if they lose at home to the floundering Browns. But they are the better all-around team with the right attack to cut Cleveland’s tender middle and run Nick Chubb back off the field. For once, they don’t have to sweat until the last seconds.

Ryan McFadden, reporter

Raven 28, Brown 14: After seeing another double-digit lead fade away last week, the Ravens will bounce back in a major way. Baltimore’s success playing the ball against the Giants will carry over to Sunday, while the defense will prevent Nick Chubb from making big plays. The Ravens are way better than their 3-3 record and they will be determined to prove it against Cleveland.

CJ Doon, editor

Raven 30, Brown 23: The Ravens should be able to punish a Browns defense that ranks 31st in efficiency, according to the Football Outsiders DVOA. Patriots rookie quarterback Bailey Zappe pulled out Cleveland’s secondary in a 38-15 win last week, so Lamar Jackson should have no trouble putting in big numbers. This is going to be the perfect game to get it right for a Ravens team that has something to celebrate.

Tim Schwartz, editor

Raven 27, Brown 21: The Ravens are 3-3, but their play on the field should say otherwise. The Browns are still the Browns – they’ve lost three in a row – and the Ravens are still a team to beat in the AFC. Lamar Jackson is a little confused, as is Mark Andrews, but expect to play as well as be their usual dominant selves. Wide receiver Rashod Bateman’s return will be key with Andrews potentially limited, but the Ravens are far more talented than the Browns with Jacoby Brissett quarterback.


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