Who could become the UK’s next prime minister?

Here are the top contenders who may be in the running to replace British Prime Minister Liz Truss after she announced her resignation on Thursday:

-Rishi Sunak-

Sunak, 42, had warned that her plans to fund the proposals through additional loans were reckless and could worsen decades of high inflation and market confidence in the UK.

He gained the support of the largest number of Tory lawmakers in consecutive rounds of voting, before party members installed Truss.

But he is now also seen as a divisive figure.

– Boris Johnson-

Buoyed by several strong hints from Johnson himself, speculation has since risen that he might attempt an eventual comeback – although few thought it would be any time soon.

The ever lavish figurehead of Brexit remains popular with some Conservative MPs and the party. But his brand among the wider electorate was badly damaged by his scandal-stained three-year tenure.

Johnson has remained inconspicuous since his resignation, giving a paid speech in the United States last week, but there was no indication of his views on the current crises gripping the UK.

-Ben Wallace-

Popular with members, it came as a surprise when the former army captain chose not to enter the race to replace Boris Johnson over the summer, saying he “didn’t want it enough”.

In the most recent survey of Tory activists by the website ConservativeHome, Wallace scored a net approval score of 85.8 points, far ahead of potential rivals.

– Penny Mordaunt –

The former defense and trade minister was a strong Brexit supporter and key figure in the 2016 “Leave” campaign.

Mordaunt’s profile rose this week after she aired Monday in place of Truss to answer an urgent question in Parliament from the Labor opposition about the recent economic turmoil.

Among other potential runners, new Treasury Secretary Jeremy Hunt and former cabinet heavyweight Michael Gove are said to have excluded themselves.

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