When Selma Blair performed her last dance, Kaley Cuoco posted a video of her own emotional reaction

When Selma Blair revealed she was leaving the series, Cuoco’s boyfriend, Tom Pelphrey, took to her Instagram Post response and the actress was shown crying after hearing the news.

Cuoco, who is 36 years old and pregnant at the time of the interview, suggested that the pregnancy may have been a contributing factor to her emotions, in addition to the overall traumatic but liberating nature of Blair’s choice to quit the show. I can’t believe I’m pregnant and on Dancing with the Stars, Cuoco wrote in the video’s description: “I [love] you, @selmablair.”

Kaley Cuoco watches the program on her laptop with tears in her eyes. After finishing her last dance, the judges gave Blair a score of 100 percent, which is considered the highest possible score. According to Cuoco, Selma only got four tens.

Cuoco expresses her admiration for Blair and notes that the Cruel Intentions actress is one of her favorites. But then Cuoco exclaims, “I can’t take it, I love her,” before continuing to sob.

On the show that aired Monday night, Blair revealed that she would not be entering the competition due to issues with her multiple sclerosis. Still, Blair and her professional dance partner Sasha Farber did another dance to the song What the World Needs Now.

Blair was featured in a pre-recorded clip explaining to Farber that she should quit Dancing With the Stars. Blair added: “You know I’ve been watched and I’ve been in touch with my doctors throughout this process.” I went through the process of getting these MRIs, and when the findings came back, it was clear I couldn’t. I can not do it. I’m sorry, but I have to get out of the race. I have exerted myself to the utmost.

She went on to say that having a chronic condition comes with its own unique challenges and that my physical health is undoubtedly deteriorating as a result. It goes way beyond what my bones can do without taking damage. In addition to cracks and tears, there is significant bone stress and inflammation; therefore I could do significant damage, something I don’t want to do.

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