Vancouver real estate agent Morning Lee offers ‘poo’ advice for evictions

Royal Pacific Realty Representative Morning Lee, an NPA candidate from Vancouver, had questionable advice for property owners facing an eviction process

Vancouver City Council candidate and licensed real estate agent Morning Lee defends his online video of eviction lawsuits calling on property owners to defecate in their rented home to “confirm ownership.”

Lee is a high-profile Vancouver real estate agent who unsuccessfully ran for city council in 2018 and is currently on the NPA Vancouver slate with mayoral candidate Fred Harding and sitting councilor Melissa De Genova.

Lee’s YouTube video titled “How to Ease Bad Tenants Easily During the Pandemic. My Personal Experience. All Landlords Should Watch!” (translated) was posted on November 24, 2021 and was rediscovered this week on an online forum.

Beneath his professional advice on the eviction process given in the video, Lee suggests that an owner dealing with a malicious, bad tenant may want to defecate in a bathroom to “confirm ownership” and that realtors may impersonate potential buyers. to access the house.

When asked by Glacier Media about his advice for landlords in those extreme circumstances, Lee said, “It is my job, and it is my business, to give advice and suggestions to people for a situation, tenant or landlord; I can give a suggestion on how to deal with a difficult situation.”

Glacier Media asked him what he meant by explicitly encouraging landlords to use the bathroom in rental properties.

“I don’t remember exactly what I said, but I suggest they can use the laundry room if they get permission from the tenant. And they have the right,” Lee said.

“Some people don’t know what they can or can’t do.”

When asked how using the bathroom is relevant in such a situation, Lee replied, “OK, it’s just a joke and just use the bathroom… It’s not illegal advice.”

When asked to clarify his comments about a broker posing as a buyer, Lee said he has never acted under false pretenses.

“I am a buyer. I always buy, so how come I pretend to be a buyer? Anyone can be a potential buyer, so there’s nothing wrong with that,” says Lee.

Real estate professionals are subject to a code of ethics and regulated by the BC Financial Services Authority.

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