US antitrust officials ask to be heard in Epic vs. Apple profession

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The US Department of Justice has requested to participate in the appeal hearing regarding Epic’s case against Apple’s App Store policy.

Apple and Epic Games will return to court in October, with each party appealing aspects of the antitrust rulings of a previous lawsuit.

Now Justice Department officials are asking to join the pleadings, according to court documents seen by Reuters.

“The United States believes that its participation in the pleadings would be helpful to the court, especially in explaining how the errors (in the interpretation of antitrust law) could significantly harm antitrust enforcement outside the specific context of this case,” the Justice Department wrote in the filing.

Neither side was against the move. Apple has stated that it wants the Justice Department’s argument time to be from Epic’s time or given extra time.

Although Apple won the case against Epic Games, the company objects to the ruling’s “anti-steer” provisions.

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