Ukraine provides ongoing pension payments to people temporarily out of the country

Pension payments in Ukraine are not suspended to seniors who have fled the war.

This was reported by the Pension Fund of Ukraine in response to an investigation by Ukrinform.

“If a pensioner temporarily moves from Ukraine, the payment of his pension in Ukraine will not be stopped for this reason. The offices of the Pension Fund of Ukraine do not keep records of pensioners who cross out,” the PFU informed.

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With regard to the granting of payments to persons residing abroad who reach retirement age, the Fund noted that it is carried out in accordance with Article 44 of the Ukrainian Law “On the General Compulsory State Pension Insurance”, on personal request or automatically (without such request). The pension is granted regardless of the person’s place of residence.

An application for a pension can also be made at any time after the entitlement to a pension has arisen.

“If an application for an age-related pension is made within three months from the day a person reaches retirement age, the pension will be awarded from the day following the date of reaching retirement age,” explains the PFU.

Persons with a qualified electronic signature or an electronic BankID system can apply for a pension via the Pension Fund’s digital services web portal. In this case, scanned copies of the original IDs will be attached to the application.

As reported by the PFU, as of June 1, 2022, the number of retirees registered with the PFU offices stands at 10,791,025.

As reported, the Cabinet of Ministers continues to calculate and pay pensions and other social benefits to Ukrainians in temporarily conquered parts of the Kherson and Zaporizhzhya regions. According to the Ministry of Social Policy, about 300,000 pensioners cannot receive pension payments in areas temporarily outside Ukraine’s control.

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