Trump committed ‘another crime’ by filing false court documents: Kirschner

The last scheduled House Select Committee hearing on Jan. 6 took place last week, but it’s not the end of the story for former President Donald Trump.

The commission subpoenaed Trump at the conclusion of the hearing to provide relevant documents and sworn testimony as part of the commission’s investigation into his involvement in the January 6, 2021 U.S. Capitol riot. The testimony may contain four e-mails. Mails are included from Trump’s attorney John Eastman after a federal judge ruled that Trump had signed a court document containing allegations of voter fraud that he knew were fake, exposing himself to perjury and possible other charges.

Eastman has previously refused to turn over the emails, citing attorney and client privilege, but Judge David Carter’s ruling means four emails must be turned over because they contain evidence of a “probable crime,” according to the report. Politician.

The emails contain information about a lawsuit filed by Trump and his lawyers in Georgia alleging Fulton County falsely counted more than 10,000 votes for President Joe Biden.

Trump speaks at a campaign rally
Former President Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally at Legacy Sports USA on October 9, 2022 in Mesa, Arizona. A federal judge ruled that Trump knowingly signed voter fraud documents, including incorrect numbers.
Mario Tama/Getty Images

According to Politico, Eastman has communicated with other Trump attorneys that the numbers are inaccurate and that Trump had been made aware of the inaccuracy. Trump signed a new verification anyway, acknowledging the fraud despite knowing the numbers weren’t true.

“President Trump has also signed a verification swearing under oath that the recorded, inaccurate figures are ‘true and correct’ or ‘were believed to be true and correct,'” Carter wrote in his 18-page opinion defining his statement.

“The emails show that President Trump knew the specific numbers of voter fraud were wrong, but continued to tout these numbers, both in court and to the public. The court finds that these emails are sufficiently related and contribute to a conspiracy to defraud the United States.”

NBC News legal analyst and former US military prosecutor Glenn Kirschner released a video detailing Carter’s ruling Wednesday night.

“Judge David Carter rules Trump consciously filed false documents in court,” Kirschner said tweeted with the video. “And yes, this is yet another of Donald Trump’s crimes.”

Kirschner said the judge’s ruling means two of the three branches of the federal government have said Trump committed federal crimes. Kirschner said the legislature — in this case the Jan. 6 House Select Committee investigating the riots — has concluded that Trump committed crimes related to the insurgency.

“Fortunately, they showed us evidence of those crimes in public hearings,” Kirschner said.

Carter’s ruling means that, according to Kirschner, the judiciary has come to the same conclusion.

“So we’re just waiting for the third branch of government, the executive branch, the Justice Department, to wipe it clean,” Kirschner said, adding that he thinks the charges will come in shortly after the Nov. 8 midterm elections. . “Because justice counts.”

Even if Trump’s accusations about Fulton County were correct, he still wouldn’t have gotten enough electoral college votes to beat Biden in the election.

News week contacted a Trump representative for comment.

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