Toronto’s Future: Car Lanes or Planters?

At one time I would have called this a “Friday Rant”.

Maybe I’m older and wiser?

Or maybe I’m just older and slower…

Once upon a time, I would have filmed this video while extremely excited, go berserkand with no room for anyone’s opinion except mine.

The truth is: I have no idea what this city will look like in twenty years, so while I personally think it’s insane to install a lane on a high street, planters“I may be in the minority here. I remember they installed planters in King Street East so cars couldn’t move on those outdated, decrepit streetcars that overload the downtown area more than a car ever could. I almost blew up a gasket when that happened.

In a perfect world there might be no cars.

Or, in a perfectly logical and functional world, there is would cars, but they would all be electric.

But as this city evolves, I will no longer seem surprised when I see that a lane has been removed to put planters, even if I don’t agree.

Don’t get me wrong: I don’t believe a city councilor has a “plan” for a decade, let alone three or four. I believe that every decision is made with a view to tomorrow, not next year. And while I’d like to think that the decision to cut a lane to install window boxes definitely had nothing dealing with a green city councilor complaining, “This city doesn’t have enough” ferns“I’m just not sure.

But I remain open to the future. uh, a Lake open minded…

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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