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When Tom Brady Revealing that he returned to play football just 40 days after his original retirement announcement, fans were ecstatic to learn that the NFL legend was back on the field. However, as pre-season training began to take shape, it appears the decision adversely affected another longtime fan: his wife of more than a decade. Gisele Bundchen. A source told ONLY HollywoodLife that Gisele is adapting as best he can, but that Tom’s “out-of-body experience” hasn’t been “easy” for the supermodel.

Giselle Bunchen struggles with Tom Brady returning to the NFL. (James Gourley/BEI/Shutterstock)

“Gisele went out of her way to adapt to Tom‘s decision to go back [to the NFL] but it hasn’t been easy for her because that wasn’t their deal,” explains the insider. “She is a very supportive woman, but she also speaks her truth, so there has been a lot of tension since he went back. She had to take some time for herself and Tom respects that.”

“Taking time” also involved Giselle leaving their home in Tampa to stay in Costa Rica. However, the superstar couple – sharing son Benjamin and daughter Vivian — have weathered a storm or two before, and they always come out the best, according to the source. “This isn’t the first time they’ve had issues and they’ve always gotten through it, so everyone hopes they get through this too,” the insider added.

Speculation of trouble in paradise started in August after Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Todd Bowles announced that Tom would be taking a temporary hiatus from the NFL to deal with a personal matter. The coach went on to say that he, Tom and the team discussed the absence prior to training camp. “We allocated this time because he wanted to get in there and get chemistry with the guys and go through two weeks of training camp knowing he wasn’t going to play the first two games,” Bowles said.

While he didn’t provide other details on the “personal matter,” Bowles had this to say: “[Tom] didn’t want to take away reruns from Blaine [Gabbert] and Kyle [Trask] as well as Griff [Ryan Griffin] regarding these next two games. And it’s something he has to deal with.” He also added that according to their conversation, he is “not concerned” about Brady’s absence, nor his commitment. Tom has not yet commented on the absence.

In March, Brady re-signed with the Buccaneers after a brief “retirement” from the sport. The seven-time Super Bowl champion took to Twitter to reveal what led to his change of heart. “Over the past two months I have realized that my place is still on the pitch and not in the stands. That time will come. But it’s not now. I love my teammates and I love my supportive family. They make it all possible. I will be back for my 23rd season in Tampa. LFG unfinished business.”

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