This $630K home near Toronto is nestled in a quaint hamlet and surrounded by apple trees

This unique home for sale in Ontario is like a little piece of heaven, and the best part is that it doesn’t come with a million dollar price tag. The two-bedroom home is just an hour and a half from the GTA and costs $629,900.

Nestled in the quaint hamlet of Victoria Road, this house is actually a converted century church dating back to about 1875. While some of the church’s features are still present, such as the stained glass window, the interior has been completely transformed into a beautiful living space .

Exterior of the house. Exterior of the house. Trish Todd | Revel Realty

The arched windows let in a lot of light and illuminate the colorful rooms. The ground floor is complete with an open plan kitchen, living room and dining room. A rustic wood stove gives the room a cozy atmosphere.

Open plan living room, dining room and kitchen.Open plan living room, dining room and kitchen.Trish Todd | Revel Realty

The two bedrooms are also on the ground floor and one has a wooden accent wall with color accents.

Bedroom with accent wall.Bedroom with accent wall.Trish Todd | Revel Realty

Upstairs you will find a beautiful studio where you can let your inner creativity run free. The huge cathedral ceiling with a painted white pattern adds a unique character to the space. A stained glass window at the front of the room is another lovely attribute.

Above studio.Above studio.Trish Todd | Revel Realty

The house is surrounded by apple trees and a river. Nearby, you’ll find Sandy Beach at Mitchell Lake, which offers kayaking and canoeing, the Kirkfield Lift Locks, and more.

Studio with stained glass window.Studio with stained glass window.Trish Todd | Revel Realty

This dreamy church house has a lot of charm without a huge price tag.

Converted Church

View of the house in the village.

View of the house in the village.

Trish Todd | Revel Realty

Price: $629,900

Address: 13 Richmond St. E., Kawartha Lakes, ON

Description: This historic church has been transformed into a beautiful two bedroom home.

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