The Lost God ‘Destiny 2’ Festival Rolls You Should Hunt

Destiny 2 has unleashed Festival of the Lost, and now we’ve stacked up to four different weapons that can fall out of the event, the ones you might want to use.

Yet something strange is going on. There are currently two separate loot pools in the event.

With Origin Trait and new benefits:

  • Mechabre (sniper)
  • Jurassic Green (Pulse)
  • Braytech Werewolf (Car)

Without Origin Trait and old perks:

  • Jurassic Green (Pulse)
  • Braytech Werewolf (Car)
  • Horror Story (car)

I don’t think this second group should fall, and you’ll notice most of your drops will be from the new weapons. So I’m just going to write the god scrolls for those. Well, and I might think Horror Story too, because there’s only one version. Here we go:

Mechabre (arch sniper rifle)

Snapshot/Opening Shot – Good news, you get… automatically this PvP god scroll when you complete Eva’s now unscreened intro quest. So just join in and you’ll get one of the best roles on this list.

Triple Tap/Vorpal – You also want a mag perk here to take the 3 rounds to 5 with backup mag for maximum use of Triple Tap. Yes, we have a few of these snipers, but this feels like a Trophy Hunter callback that I really love.

Snapshot/Voltshot – I won’t pretend this is the “best” role, but it’s a fun, punchy version that can extinguish groups of enemies from afar and it’s a blast.

Fluted/Snapshot/Slickdraw – I call this the “insane ADS” role, which I try to get mostly for fun. I don’t know if you really want to lose target acquisition on a sniper though.

Jurassic Green (Solar Pulse)

livelihood/light bulb – A very nice PvE roll, as I mean anything that can roll Lightbulb, you will probably want to get Lightbulb with at least one roll. I wish non-manufactured light bulb was no worse than improved by a good margin.

Rangefinder/Golden Triangle – I’ve seen some of my PvP friends play with Golden Tricorn on this thing where you can increase it to insane damage with a double stack of it.

Perpetual Motion/Frenzy of Adrenaline Junkie – A much more standard roll that will be good anywhere.

Braytech Werewolf (Kinetic Auto Rifle)

Boxer/Swashbuckler – The Demolitionist/Adrenaline Junkie combo, but for punching and fun on cars. I think this is the only one that can do it for now.

Dynamic Sway Reduction/Vorpal or Tap the Trigger – You can choose ultimate stability for PvP if you want on the front and back of the clip, or you can choose Vorpal to close out supers in PvP.

Keep/Swashbuckler – Stacking the buff is easy with all those extra bullets at your disposal. Livelihood remains best on cars, probably of all weapon types.

Horror Story (Kinetic Car Gun)

Livelihood / Demolition Man – Again, this is the old version with no origin mark and a bland extra. But this one isn’t bad.

That’s all I have, honestly, I don’t like Horror Story much with this current perk pool. Firmly planted, slides, sympathetic arsenal? What are we doing here.

Those are my picks, let me know your favorites on Twitter.

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