The 7 things you need to know before Thursday 20 October


Russia has declared martial law in parts of Ukraine yesterday.

  • Where? Four regions illegally claimed by Russian President Vladimir Putin last month after staged referendums Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia.
  • What does this do: It could provide legal cover for abuses by the Russian military. But Moscow doesn’t fully control the regions, so it’s not clear whether it can fully implement the new rules.


Donald Trump knew his claims about voter fraud in Georgia were unfounded, a judge said.

  • The details: The former president was aware that the numbers he put forward regarding the 2020 elections were wrong, but he signed legal documents with them anyway, the judge said.
  • How does the judge know: Emails fought over by Trump’s allies and the House committee investigating the Capitol attack. The judge ruled yesterday that some of the messages must be made public.
  • What else to know: The Jan. 6 committee is expected to ask Trump to testify shortly.


British Prime Minister Liz Truss resigned this morning.


There is a nationwide shortage of Adderall.

  • Why? One of the largest manufacturers of ADHD medications has experienced “production delays,” the FDA said last week.
  • How bad is it? Some pharmacies cannot fill prescriptions. People have been forced to stop taking the medication or switch treatments – both can make everyday life difficult.


The pregnancy drug Makena should be taken off the market, experts say.

  • What is it? Introduced in 2011, Makena is designed to reduce the risk of preterm birth, a leading cause of infant death in the US
  • What’s the problem? It doesn’t work, FDA experts said yesterday. The panel rejected arguments that it should remain available to at-risk groups, including some black women.
  • What’s next? The FDA will decide in the coming months whether to discontinue the drug.


Oceans are warming faster than ever.

Netflix will crack down on password sharing early next year.

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