The 3 zodiac signs that are happiest in love on Tuesday, July 5, 2022

If there is one thing that today, July 5, 2022, is completely on our side in terms of love and romance, it is the fact that we have Mercury in Cancer, through which communication between partners will be clear and loving, along with Mercury sextile Mars , which may bring freshness to the relationship through intimacy or passionate exchanges of love, through written notes, gifts, flowers, and other “goodies.”

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We are happy to have love in our lives today, and while that may seem obvious, it is not always what we want.

Sometimes we just want the company of ourselves, which is wonderful and satisfying.

However, today is not the day for solitude; it’s the day to share and care and show those we love how much we love them.

Since we also work with Moon square Mercury, we can expect things to move at a fast pace. On this day there is no lingering; we commit ourselves to something and we do it. So, if we have something planned with our special someone, consider it done.

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