Francis Kéré: World Class Architecture, mudbrick by mudbrick | Art and culture

From: Talk to Al Jazeera Africa’s first Pritzker Prize-winning architect discusses his journey from rural Burkina Faso to global recognition. Francis Kéré spent much of his childhood foraging for food and water in his rural community in Burkina Faso. He was born in 1965 and grew up without clean water or electricity. Still, he was … Read more

New York City rents hit record highs amid house price surges nationwide

Rents in New York City hit an all-time high in June, reaching $3,500 a month as prices skyrocket after pandemic lows. Rents have risen in many cities in the US, but New York City’s recent rise is outpacing other major cities such as Los Angeles and Chicago, forcing some tenants to vacate apartments that were … Read more

South Australians will soon be able to buy their first home with a low down payment on HomeStart loans

Owning a home could soon become a reality for more South Australians with a state-backed lender lowering their minimum deposit requirements. Most important points: The HomeStart Loan for Graduates Has Reduced Their Minimum Deposit From 3 Percent to 2 The scheme is available to South Australians with a Certificate III or higher qualification The Lender … Read more

China’s Mortgage Boycott: Could the Real Estate Market Crumble? | Business and Economy

From: Counting the costs Chinese home buyers are refusing to pay mortgages on properties they have bought because developers can’t finish them. Real estate is one of the biggest drivers of economic growth in China, accounting for a third of the country’s $18 trillion gross domestic product (GDP). Not only the wider economy depends on … Read more

Rents in Toronto are expected to rise another 15% in the next six months

Fahd Mobada has never had a problem renting an apartment in Toronto until this year. The 22-year-old engineering student at the University of Toronto and his roommate applied for nearly 10 two-bedroom rental properties in June, but despite good credit scores, savings and references, potential landlords chose candidates who put down offers hundreds of dollars … Read more

A suited deal: why some still pay low, low rents

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Politicians should prioritize urban planning – it’s getting out of hand

With continued pressure in recent decades to make the public sector more “businesslike,” urban planning has gone astray, writes Brian Feeney and Dr Mark Lem. CITY PLANNING shapes our cities by regulating land use and buildings and identifying infrastructure needs. But like any public policy area, urban planning is heavily influenced by the dominant political … Read more

Calls for better government support amid booming rental market

Leading housing experts have called for a major overhaul of the government’s rent assistance program, describing payments to low-income households as “inadequate” while rent costs continue to rise. Most important points: Michael Fotheringham of the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute says government rent aid has not been targeted properly Andrea Ferris Says Her Rental … Read more

The ‘horrific’ violence facing homeless people

The day after the Langley shooting on July 25, about 65 people living on the city streets gathered at Langley Vineyard Church for a quiet and somber meal. Announcements, events and more from Tyee and select partners Send us your Mall memories! What do you remember about the malls of your life? Share your stories … Read more