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click to enlarge St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones stands on a podium.

Monica Obradovic

File photo of St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones.

St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones has approved Trudy Busch Valentine for the Democratic nomination to the United States Senate.

The mayor took her personal Twitter account to make the announcement late Wednesday afternoon. Busch Valentine is a wealthy beer heiress and nurse; she has previously been criticized by St. Louis organizers for driving voters out on public forums.

“I am pleased to share that after having several conversations and doing my own research, not only am I voting for Trudy @buschvalentine, but I am asking voters to do the same,” Jones wrote on her personal Twitter account. . “Let’s do something different and send a nurse with tenacity and grit to the US Senate.”

The reactions to the mayor’s Tweet were, with few exceptions, of great disbelief. Sixth district councilor Christine Ingrassia said in a Tweet she was at an “absolute loss for words, especially to our trans friends and family.”

“My immediate family is directly affected by Trudy’s lack of understanding,” Ingrassia wrote. “It’s heartbreaking.”

Busch Valentine had recently come under criticism of progressives on her stance on gender-affirming care for transgender people. Twelfth ward councilor Bill Stephens also crejected the approval based on this, Jones says she approves of Valentine’s comments about limiting care for trans teens and refers to her as calling trans people the “transgender.” Additional comments called the approval “terrible”, “bizarre” and “incredibly disappointing”.

Jones’ father, Virvus Jones, had recently tweeted that the Busch Valentine campaign was the only one knocking on his door in North St. Louis. He recently followed that detectives for Spencer Toder’s campaign had appeared after he sent that tweet.

The St. Louis American editors, who previously backed Jones for mayor, also back Busch Valentine, while the St. Louis after shipment‘s editors endorsed Lucas Kunce.

Busch Valentine commented by thanking Jones for the endorsement and saying she “looks forward to working with “Jones” to make our state the best it can be.”

Toder, another Democratic nominee, reacted to the news on Twitter, saying: “Political chess games that bet on which financial juggernaut is least likely to be defeated by a Republican are not good for democracy.

“It will be so much nicer when we win and we finally elect a senator who will truly represent the values ​​of the people of this state,” Toder concluded.

The RFT has reached out to the mayor’s spokesperson for comment on her approval, and we’ll update this story when we hear back. For a look at the other Democrats vying for the Senate seat in the primaries, check out the RFTs Coverage.

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