Supporter of Scottish independence stirs outrage after strange frenzy from Queen Royal | News

One TV star sparked outrage over a sick tweet in which he bizarrely assumed the queen’s body wasn’t in the coffin that thousands have lined up to see, despite there’s not a shred of evidence to suggest that this is the case. Douglas Henshall, the star of the crime drama Shetland, caused outrage when he suggested that those who queued for tens of hours to pay their last respects to Her Majesty were either cheated, or knew the coffin was empty and decided to queue anyway. to stand.

The tweet, which was far from the first to spark controversy for the Scexit-backing Scot, was met with bewilderment and condemnation from his followers.

Mr Henshall wrote: “Do you think the queue would be as long if people knew the Queen is not in that coffin? Or do they know and is it just symbolic?”

The coffin is reportedly lined with lead to ensure Her Majesty’s body is preserved and is made of oak.

Mr Henshall immediately admitted that he didn’t actually know if the coffin was empty when one person asked, “She’s not in the coffin?” He replied, “I don’t know, of course, but I can’t imagine she would be purely for security reasons, if nothing else.”

Twitter users were quick to ridicule the actor for his offensive claims.

One person wrote: “A ridiculous, insulting question. You admit you don’t know if this is the case in a later tweet. You have no proof, this is purely a brain fart, a stupid guess. Douglas, you are a disgrace. You should be ashamed.”

Another added: “Of all the insanely insane conspiracy theories I’ve seen recently, this has to be the dumbest.”

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The actor has never been afraid to express his political views on social media. He recently tweeted: “I have never considered myself a nationalist, I would just like to live in an independent Scotland.”

The actor also asked, “What the heck is Keir Starmer’s point?” and compared the Tory leadership race to the “outpouring of raw sewage into the seas and rivers off the coast of England”.

The queue for people to see the Queen one last time closed this morning after capacity was reached. It is “unlikely” to reopen for six hours and was more than four and a half miles long at the time – with mourners warned the wait could take up to 14 hours.

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