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[co-author: Dr. Adrian Rudert]

It goes without saying that online gaming has conquered the world and will certainly define the future. It is an industry with some of the fastest product launches, emergence of new market players and important drivers for new technology – but it is prone to problems such as trademark infringement and money laundering in a constantly changing regulatory environment across all jurisdictions. We help you succeed in our businesses and overcome legal challenges. We help you to the next level.

It’s good times for online gaming

While the former Article 4(4) of the State Convention on Games of Chance prohibited the organization and mediation of public games of chance on the Internet, the new Article 4(4) of the State Convention on Games of Chances now expressly permits the licensing of online lotteries, online sports betting, online horse betting, virtual gambling and online poker if the respective requirements are met – marking a paradigm shift in gambling regulation. In its new coalition agreement, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia recognized the gaming industry as an important economic factor and plans to establish North Rhine-Westphalia as a leading gaming location from 2022 to 2027 – with explicit support for gaming culture and e-Sports.

For developers, publishers or other service providers in the online gaming world, legal challenges are circumstances that influence their success story. Helping you navigate the regulatory jungle at both the national and global levels to reap the benefits of the latest legal market opening is our game – it’s what we do best.


  • Video game development and publishing

  • e-Sports licensing developments

  • Online games and mobile games

  • Online lottery/racing industry

  • Intellectual Property – Patents for various games

  • Disputes and Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Legal Issues of Virtual Currency and Virtual Objects

  • Legal drafting of games of chance contracts

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