Seth Rollins-Riddle match postponed to later pay-per-view

Seth Rollins taking on Riddle at SummerSlam this Saturday, July 30, was one of the most highly anticipated matches from WWE fans because of how high the latter’s star has risen.

However, an attack by Rollins to close out the July 25 episode of Raw left Riddle stomping a curb to the steel steps outside the ring.

It was revealed on WWE’s a few hours ago social media that the attack resulted in the former mixed martial arts fighter being off duty from SummerSlam due to a brachial plexus injury and has been “medically disqualified until his full strength returns.”

The company has announced that this will force Riddle and Rollins’ match out of SummerSlam.

Fans lamented the game’s postponement, but what really happened may be due to the behind-the-scenes fishing by new creative head Triple H.

Fightful Select reported that the company had decided to postpone the match and that changes had been made due to “creative tweaks.”

While those adaptations remain a mystery, the aforementioned pro-wrestling outlet also revealed that the new plan for the pair is to compete against each other at WWE’s next pay-per-view, Clash at the Castle, in Cardiff, Wales on March 3. September.

Fightful later added that Rollins is still expected to travel to Nashville, Tennessee due to media obligations ahead of SummerSlam, and it remains to be seen if he will have an opponent at the event.

Rollins took to Twitter to to apologize for fans because they can’t perform at SummerSlam, and Triple H strangely enough responded to his post.

What that means is completely up in the air until this Saturday, but fans are already theorizing that Rollins will have a mysterious adversary ahead of him, like how he was tasked with welcoming Cody Rhodes back to WWE at WrestleMania 38.

Riddle has been flying solo for quite some time now as tag team partner Randy Orton is still recovering from back surgery and is expected to miss the rest of the year while he recovers.

The ex-NXT mainstay has built a large following in the main roster thanks to his charisma on the mic and energetic movement set that has fans excited to see him perform every night.

With the changes made just days before SummerSlam, WWE could give Riddle and Rollins about four weeks to develop their storyline for Clash at the Castle.

Riddle and Rollins have great chemistry together and keeping fans waiting to see their match up against a pay-per-view with a better story can pay off big for both artists.

Riddle, Seth Rollins, Money in the Bank
Riddle performs an RKO from the ladder against Seth Rollins at Money in the Bank on July 2, 2022.
Photo: WWE

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