Score and latest updates from day 3 of the fifth Test

England starts day three of the test match at 84-5 in Edgbaston, 332 runs behind India’s 416. A year or two ago you would have said this was a hopeless position, but the last three tests against New Zealand have given England real confidence that they can turn this around.

James Anderson said yesterday: “I feel our best line of defense will be offense. Our batters are aggressive by nature. We want to score and move the game forward.”

That has certainly been the case in the Ben Stokes and Brendon McCullum era thus far, but it is an approach that has ingrained risk and there will be days when England hit the mark with their new attack, attack, attack philosophy . Whether this is such a day remains to be seen, and England’s fate in this game is likely to be in the hands of the two men in the fold, Stokes himself and Jonny Bairstow. Bairstow seems to be loving his cricket at the moment and if he and the skipper can get back to work they could make up for some or all of that shortage in a hot order.

Tomorrow morning at 10:30 we resume the game. Anderson told the BBC: “We need to try and get our hands back on and put some pressure on them. We are against it, but we were in this position before this summer.”

They certainly have, and if they can somehow get out of this latest pickle, it could go down in history as one of England’s great escapes.

What a cricket summer this will be. But standing in their way is the formidable Indian bowling attack, the great Jasprit Bumrah is already in the wickets and if England think they can take any liberties with his bowling they are in for a shock.

The weather is looking good right now, so let’s get started.

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