‘Rivalry’ Between Robert Kraft, Jerry Jones

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“I think there is some rivalry.”

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Jerry Jones and Robert Kraft in 2021. AP Photo/Steven Senne

Tonight the Bruins will face the Ducks at TD Garden at 7pm

Tomorrow the Celtics are in Miami to play the Heat at 7:30pm

On Monday, the Patriots will play against the Bears at Gillette Stadium at 8:15 pm

More about the Robert Kraft-Jerry Jones exchange: Earlier this week, Patriots owner Robert Kraft reportedly had a “heated exchange” with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones during an NFL owners’ meeting about a move to begin contract negotiations with league commissioner Roger Goodell.

“Excuse me,” Jones told Kraft at one point, according to ESPN reporters Seth Wickersham and Don Van Natta Jr.

On Wednesday, Van Natta spoke on the show “Shan & RJ” and provided more context about the episode.

“Kraft is not too concerned about that,” Van Natta said of the Goodell contract. “Kraft wasn’t as concerned about it in 2017, any more than Arthur Blank, who was chairman of the remuneration committee, so they stepped in.

“As I understand it, Kraft kind of said, ‘Again? Are we dealing with this again?’ And Jerry said to him, “Excuse me,” and Kraft said, “Excuse me?” And then Jerry himself ended it, I think he made it a PG rating and said, ‘Don’t mess with me.’

Van Natta also added that he believes there is a rivalry between Kraft and Jones.

“I know that Kraft and Jerry… not only are they the two most powerful owners in the NFL, I think there’s some rivalry there,” said Van Natta. “Jerry beat Kraft to the Hall of Fame, that hurt Kraft. Believe me, that hurt Kraft. Jerry won that. And there’s a lot of rivalry out there, guys. So is it possible that you don’t mess with me, don’t mess with me, there’s some stuff going on between those guys? Yes. But the way Jerry looks at Goodell, I was told last night by people close to Jerry, it’s not personal. They maintain that it is about the contract and the structure of the new contract.”

trivia: In his time as owner of Cowboys, Jerry Jones has hired two of the three coaches who have won both a National Football Championship and a Super Bowl. Can you name all three?

(Answer at the bottom).

Hint: Since he was the answer to yesterday’s trivia, we will spot you Jimmy Johnson.

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Trivia Answer: Jimmy Johnson, Barry Switzer, Pete Carroll

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