Rishi Sunak Humiliated as Liz Truss Digging Backfires Spectacularly | Politics | News

Rishi Sunak challenged Ms Truss for her past support for the Liberal Democrats and her support for the Remain camp during the Brexit referendum. The former Treasury Secretary jokingly asked Liz Truss “which one did you most regret” while repeatedly challenged about her past. But the secretary of state masterfully dodged attempts to undermine her candidacy when she admitted she had developed into a fully committed conservative.

Mr Sunak said: “Liz, in your past you were both a Liberal Democrat and a remnant.

“I was wondering which one you regretted the most?”

Which prompted Ms Truss to reply: “I was someone who was not born in the Conservative Party.

“I went to school in Paisley and Leeds, I went to a comprehensive school.

“My parents were left-wing activists and I have been on a political journey ever since.

“But my fundamental belief, and the reason I’m a conservative, is that I saw kids being abandoned in my school.”

She noted that Mr Sunak came from a different background from hers, and emphasized that she had embraced more conservative views over the years to give the British more opportunities.

Ms Truss also challenged Rishi Sunak if he still thought the UK should do more business with China.

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