Revisit the Fashion Week scandals that overshadowed the fabulous clothes

After Anna Giorgio missed Milan Fashion Week show in 2014, the designer spoke out. And although he Fashion editor-in-chief by name, many assumed he was talking about Anna. “There are those who would rather reject the Giorgio Armani show and go to Paris,” he told WWD. “She took a plane, dumped Mr. Armani, and went to Paris.”

According to the outlet, he then added: “Why should I always be the idiot? [translating from an Italian expletive] be punished because of a person who, for better or for worse, likes it or not, is powerful? I feel punished. She said she would send her people. But when you go to your dentist and he puts you in the hands of his assistant, what is your reaction? They told me: ‘She went to the PrivĂ© in Paris; she doesn’t have time to see the ready-to-wear in Milan.’ She is influential and powerful. But maybe I’m also influential.”

In a statement shared with WWD, Fashion Communications Director Hildy Kuryko said: “Anna has the utmost respect for Giorgio Armani and everything he has done for Italy and fashion worldwide.”

“Unfortunately, now that the fashion calendar has been running for over a month, there are some shows where Anna cannot attend,” the statement continued.

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