Rapper Stormzy joins protest against unarmed man fatally shot by police in London

British rapper Stormzy spoke to protesters demanding justice for Chris Kaba, a man fatally shot by police on September 5, during a demonstration in London on Saturday. central London to the Metropolitan Police headquarters. Protesters could be heard chanting “No justice, no peace” and “No racist police.” Speakers on stage led chants of “Who killed Chris Kaba?”, “The police killed Chris Kaba” and “Say his name: Chris Kaba.” In another clip, British rapper Stormzy took the stage and encouraged the audience to “have stamina” and do whatever it takes to raise awareness and support Chris Kaba’s family. “What [police have] done, they killed someone, they killed someone. It’s not… we can’t, like covering it up. They killed someone. That’s murder. That’s murder. I encourage everyone here today to just keep going on this journey, because the family needs you. There are people [undistinguishable], as much as we feel the pain, we don’t feel anything like what these people feel.” The march came as Kaba’s family demanded that the officer who fired the fatal shot be “immediately suspended” from his job while the incident is under investigation, according to The Guardian. The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) has since launched a murder investigation into Kaba’s death. Credit: Miranda Grell via Storyful

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