Photos: This room in Vancouver is for short people only

It may be good to wear a toque or hat on the first visit, to give your head some padding.

With many people looking for an affordable home in Vancouver, there are some odd options out there.

In this case, there’s actually a bachelorette apartment in East Vancouver. And while it has about 500 square feet of space, skylights and a variety of amenities, one aspect can be an insurmountable problem for some.

At its highest point, the ceiling of the attic apartment is only 5’7″.

Many people are under 5’7″, but with the steeply sloping ceiling that drops quickly, the peak is only in some areas, usually the center of the room. With lots of angled, angled sections to the ceiling because of the roof, it’s newcomers are likely to surprise at some point.

“Larger people may find it challenging,” says the person who wrote the ad. “I want to be clear and honest so as not to waste anyone’s time.”

While the height may make it a tough pass for some, for those a little shorter than average, the device comes with a decent number of amenities for its price.

The unit has a bed, living space, sink and mini fridge, but cooking is not allowed due to fire hazard. In the pictures it is furnished, but it is unfurnished. There is a launderette in the building and off street parking. There are also four skylights and views of Trout Lake, the ad reads.

It looks like a bachelor’s house, but it’s actually one room in a shared house. The rent is €975 per month.

“You are welcome to share our huge, beautiful home,” writes the person who posted the ad. “There are two luxurious walk-in showers, a soaking tub and a beautifully landscaped private backyard.”

The average rent for an unfurnished one-bedroom unit in Vancouver has cracked $2,650 this month.

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