Nintendo acquires Dynamo Pictures to turn games into movies

Nintendo plans to acquire CG animation studio Dynamo Pictures with the intention of customizing more of its game media. Dynamo Pictures has helped create a variety of high-quality productions, including Studio Ghibli’s Earwig and the Witch, NieR Replicant, and more. It also engages in motion capture work and was involved in the production of: Ghost in the shell, Death Strandingand Resident Evil franchises. Nintendo’s acquisition of the studio is expected to take place later this year.

No doubt after the success of Nintendo IP tweaks like Detective Pikachuand the hope of success with regard to the coming Chris Pratt super mario film, the game developer is eager to create more film and television media. It’s also a smart business choice, as many other game companies are adapting their game titles to other media as well, with PlayStation’s The last of us TV show coming to Netflix in the near future.


The classic gaming company Nintendo started in 1889 in Japan as a manufacturer of game cards. It would enter the video game genre in the late 1970s with its first console release, the Color TV Game. However, it would not gain worldwide recognition until it was released Donkey Kong in 1981. After finding its niche as a mostly cute and quirky video game company, it would generate several franchises, including Animal Crossing and Mario. It has also gained a huge loyal fan base comparable to Disney.

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Many are familiar with Nintendo’s latest film release with Pratt as the voice of Mario, but Nintendo’s venture into film and television media is not new. One of the most infamous adaptations is the 1993 film Super Mario Bros starring Bob Hoskins as Mario and John Leguizamo as Luigi. Although, aside from some hints to the game and character names, most fans wouldn’t be able to see that it’s even a Mario movie. Needless to say, it received generally negative reviews and was not well received by those familiar with the franchise. The most famous game franchise that has been transferred to film and television is, of course, pokemon. With 23 main story movies and a hit television show every kid from the 90s knows, this is the best adapted version of Nintendo’s IP roster.

With the setback of 1993 in mind, it’s exciting that Nintendo wants to venture back into the world of film and television. Fans can only hope they learn from their past hiccups and stick with what worked for them in the past. Now that Dynamo Pictures is entering the chat, they might have! This will give Nintendo fans something to look forward to as more details are announced.

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