news | Ten Hag: Ronaldo is fully committed to Manchester United project

Ten Hag: Ronaldo is fully committed to Manchester United project

17 minutes ago

League Plus – Manchester United coach Eric Ten Hag confirmed that Cristiano Ronaldo, the star of the Portuguese Red Devils, is deeply committed to the team and that his level is evolving and will improve over time.

Manchester United defeated Moldovan Sheriff Tiraspol 2-0 in the second round of the group stage matches of the European League on Thursday evening.

Ronaldo finally broke his pace by scoring and scored his first goal at Manchester United this season. A goal that gives the coach confidence in the Portuguese star’s brilliance this year.

“Everyone expected Ronaldo’s current level as he did not participate in the pre-season preparation period with the squad,” Tin Hag said in a press statement after the game.

He added: “He needed that goal. He was close to a goal several times and as you can see he really needed it. We are happy for him and the team wanted to score that goal.”

He continued: “This is what we should have expected after his absence from the preparations for the season. He had to work hard to reach the required fitness level. He will score more goals, he is close here, when he is fitter he will be more score goals.”

“Ronaldo is very committed to Manchester United and our project, and he is in great shape with the players and everyone around him.”

He continued: “After the first ten minutes we found ourselves, we were safer, we had the good balls in midfield and held the ball. We performed great for Sancho’s goal.”

He added: “We produced with such a performance, for example against Arsenal, a lot of players contributed to the first goal, so if we can continue with this we will create more similar opportunities.”

And he added: “Sancho, as he was preparing for the goal with Bruno, was in the middle of the attack. We had some tests tonight, where Malacia played on the right and Luke Shaw on the left, we will everyone need this season.”

Tin Hag concluded his statements: “The absence of Sancho and Rashford from the national team? It’s not me, I can’t take the English coach’s place, I don’t want that, the two have started the season.” good, and they will make even more progress.”

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