New survey reveals 75 percent of Democratic voters don’t want Biden running for second term at White House – The Published Reporter®

President Joe Biden has previously stated that he plans to be re-elected in 2024, although even left-wing media outlets have soured over the idea of ​​this happening. File Photo: Alexandros Michailidis, Shutter Stock, Licensed.

WASHINGTON, DC — A new CNN poll indicates President Joe Biden may soon be falling out of favor with his own party, as a surprising 75 percent of Democratic voters polled said they didn’t want the current commander in chief to run for reelection in 2024.

The results of the survey were revealed on CNN’s “New day” program Wednesday morning, with host John King discussing why he felt Biden was losing support from voters in his own party, many of whom said in the poll they wanted another Democratic representative to take his place.

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King noted that Democrats are: “frustrated” with Biden after he “promised the moon” and not to deliver, in addition to the fact that “exhausted” with the current state of the country.

“For a Democrat, you were promised the moon after the Democrats won those two seats in Georgia’s Senate. You were promised sweeping legislation on climate, sweeping legislation on childcare, sweeping legislation on just about everything under the Democratic umbrella,” he said. ‘You didn’t get most of that, did you? So you’re frustrated. You have your normal frustrations that all Americans have, and you have your partisan frustrations because the Democrats thought that with a fully Democratic government we would get so much. Democrats have clearly promised too much, so they’re frustrated, and who are you taking that on? The man in charge. That’s called human nature.”


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Biden has previously stated that he plans to be re-elected in 2024, although even left-wing media outlets have soured over the idea of ​​this happening; New York Times columnist Bret Stephens wrote on Wednesday that Biden will not be allowed to seek a second term in the Oval Office because of his administration’s failings.

“The most important fact about the democratic world today is that it is not a leader,” he wrote. “The best Biden can do for the country is announce that he will not run for re-election — now, not after the midterm elections. Let his party determine its own future.”

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