Neighborhood fire brigade thinks about response to grass fires

THE COLONY, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – The colony’s fire department said that when fighting wildfires, access to brush trucks is imperative.

“The difference between a brush truck and a large fire truck or fire truck is size,” said Garrett Rice, chief of the colony’s battalion battalion. “It’s built on a pickup chassis and they can get into tighter, wilder areas, urban interface areas where larger fire trucks can’t access”

The The Balch Springs Fire Department said Monday:they only had one brush truck, which made fighting the wildfire more difficult.

“We only have one brush truck, and every time it stopped to refuel, everything they had extinguished comes back on,” said Fire Marshal Sean Davis. “You could never anticipate it.”

He says ideally they needed another truck and will ask the city to expand their fleet next week.

“In terms of equipment, we struggle with getting brush trucks,” said Jim McDade, president of the Dallas Fire Fighters Association.

McDade said Dallas Fire Rescue also needs additional brush trucks as most of them are currently out of service.

“Something’s going to break,” he said. “This weather is really tough. Normally we have four in the city so as soon as we can get those back up and running I believe one is back in service and they are trying to fix the others as soon as possible.”

McDade said that while they wait, the department is considering renting some from the manufacturer on a temporary basis.

“But we have, like yesterday, we have mutual aid in other places,” McDade said.

“It’s very important to get the right vehicles with the right people out there,” Rice said.

Crews said there are so many different factors that can contribute to wildfires. The extreme drought, wind and low humidity. One thing they recommend to homeowners is to try to keep lawns mowed and watered.

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