Napoli in the lead… and a hot derby between Milan and Juventus

Napoli is looking to take advantage of the expected summit between its partner Atalanta and its host Udinese to lead the way when it visits Cremonese tomorrow, Sunday, in the ninth leg of the Italian football league, as Milan faces its traditional rivals Juventus in a hot derby .
Napoli, looking for its third title in its history and its first since 1989-1990, is at the top of the league with a score of 20 points, with a goal difference ahead of its partner Atalanta, and they are the only two teams to have so far this season no defeat tasted.
Needing one point to overcome the group stage in the prestigious continental competition, Napoli is aiming to exploit the shaken morale of its 19th-to-last-placed host, Cremonese, and is the only team besides Sampdoria 20 that hasn’t. has won the competition to date.
It also takes advantage of the upcoming summit between Udinese and its guest, Atalanta, to take the lead.
The stage opens today, Saturday, with a hot derby between the most crowned clubs in Italy, defending champion Milan, and his guest, Juventus, at the “San Siro” stadium.
Milan, who has been crowned 19 times in the Scudetto and 7 times in the Champions League, hopes to raise the morale of its players in the third round of the prestigious continental competition on Wednesday before hosting the London club in the fourth on Tuesday. round in his quest to rekindle his hopes of skipping the first round.

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