Musk’s companies are at risk from government investigation – Bloomberg

The billionaire has reportedly angered US officials with his comments about Ukraine

Elon Musk May Face Federal Investigation in US, After Making Officials “uncomfortable” with his comments about Ukraine, Bloomberg claims, citing anonymous sources in the government.

Individuals within the US government and intelligence community are: “weigh which tools, if any” are available to target the billionaire, the report said Friday. These discussions were described as being: “in an early stage.”

One option, Bloomberg says, is to subject Musk’s business ventures to a review by the Interagency Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS). The body may reject investment agreements with foreign capital based on national security considerations.

Musk Recently Made US Officials “uncomfortable,” This is reported by Bloomberg, with complaints about not being reimbursed for the services his company SpaceX has provided to the Ukrainian government.

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Musk makes U-turn on Starlink for Ukraine

The company provides Starlink satellite broadband access to Ukrainian government services and military to ensure stable communications. This was credited as a game-changer for the country in its battle against Russia. Musk, who claimed to have spent some $80 million on free equipment and services, threatened to cut access unless someone else paid for it.

He also made a number of suggestions for resolving the crisis in Ukraine that went against Washington’s goal of: “defeating Russia” strategic. Kiev rejected Musk’s proposals to make concessions to Moscow in the name of peace, with a Ukrainian diplomat suggesting that the CEO of SpaceX “f*ck off.”

Musk indicated he followed that advice with his demands on Starlink compensation, but later backed out, agreeing to keep the link open.

Sources at Bloomberg suggested that the main target of a security investigation, if one were launched, would be Musk’s proposed takeover of Twitter. He received support from investors from the Arab world, including Saudi Arabia’s Kingdom Holding Company and Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund, in his takeover bid.

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Crypto exchange Binance, which is run by Sino-Canadian businessman Changpeng Zhao, is another investor that could be considered problematic, the report said.

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