Morgan Freeman stars in The Minute You Wake Up Dead trailer

Morgan Freeman has played more than a few men of the law throughout his career, and even at 85 he’s not done yet. Lionsgate Home Entertainment has released the first trailer for: The moment you wake up deadstarring Morgan Freeman as a sheriff trying to solve a shocking murder.

Be warned, the trailer for The moment you wake up dead seems to describe much of the movie, so keep that in mind before you watch. The moment you wake up dead was directed by Michael Mailer (Heart of champions), who co-wrote the screenplay with Timothy Holland. In addition to Morgan Freeman, The moment you wake up dead also stars Jamie Alexander (Thor: Love and Thunder) and Cole Hauser (Yellowstone). “This sexy, riveting noir thriller will leave you guessing,reads the official synopsis. “After a shadowy small-town stockbroker begins dating a shy waitress, a shocking murder takes place – and one of them may be responsible. As word spreads that money is behind the murder, every criminal in town wants their share of the money. One shocking plot twist follows another, and a bloody showdown leads to a stunning finale.

While we’re on the subject of lawyers, it was revealed earlier this summer that Morgan Freeman was developing a TV series for Amazon around legendary lawyer Bass Reeves. titled Twin TerritoriesFreeman spent decades bringing the story to life. The series follows”America’s #1 lawman like him and brash Irishman Chauncey Lee are faced with the near-impossible task of imposing the rule of law in the most dangerous place on Earth, battling bandits so brazen they post their own wanted posters; thriving indigenous cultures pushed to the brink; and hordes of illegal settlers with nothing to lose, in a massive battle for the future of a state and a nation.It’s not the only Bass Reeves series in the works as David Oyelowo will be playing the character in a Yellowstone spin-off series.

The moment you wake up dead will be released in theaters, On Demand and Digital on the 4th of Novemberfollowed by a Blu-ray release on December 13th.

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