Mini budget is the right plan

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British Prime Minister Liz Truss insisted the government’s tax cuts were the “right plan” in the face of rising energy bills and for economic growth, despite market turmoil caused by the Chancellor’s mini-budget.

In his first public appearance since the chaos caused by the mini-budget, Truss defended the measures taken by Finance Minister Kwasi Kwating, urging the country needed “urgent action”, but acknowledging that the government’s decisions were “controversial”.

“We needed to take urgent action to grow our economy, move Britain forward and tackle inflation,” she told the BBC.

She added: “Of course that meant making controversial and difficult decisions, but I’m ready to take them as Prime Minister because the most important thing for me is to get our economy moving and make sure citizens get through this winter.” , and we’re ready to do whatever it takes to make it happen.”

Trace went on to say the mini-budget was the “right plan” despite mounting calls, including from the International Monetary Fund, to roll back some of the policies announced last Friday after the pound fell during the Monday’s trading had fallen to a record level against the US dollar. .

Yesterday, the Bank of England announced an emergency program to buy government bonds to prevent borrowing costs from spiraling out of control and to avert ‘material risks to UK financial stability’.


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