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click to enlarge Anthony Robert Williams, 47, of Southgate posted photos of himself at the January 6 riots online.  - Courtesy of the FBI

Thanks to the FBI

Anthony Robert Williams, 47, of Southgate posted photos of himself at the January 6 riots online.

Another Michigan man has been sentenced to prison for his involvement in the January 6 attack on the US Capitol, this time after posting about it on Facebook.

Anthony Robert Williams, 47, of Southgate, has been sentenced to five years in prison, US district judge Beryl Howell ruled Friday.

According to the FBI, Williams posted photos of himself during the riot on social media and also bragged about his role in the attack.

“Was the proudest day of my life lol, felt like the founders were smiling at us in that room, and I guarantee my dad and grandpa, both vets, would be proud,” Williams wrote on Facebook three days later.

According to prosecutors, Williams also stole water bottles that the Capitol Police used for decontamination in the case of chemical irritants, and filmed himself saying, “We’ve taken this damn building” and “Desperate times, desperate measures… Trump 2020 motherfucker.”

Even after being arrested in Detroit on March 26, 2021, he was doubling down on social media.

“I was in the Capitol and have absolutely no regrets or fears about saying or doing it,” he wrote.

Williams’ lack of remorse led to his 5-year prison term due to a factor known as specific deterrence, a statutory term of punishment intended to prevent the defendant from committing the same crime again. Law and crime notes.

“Williams’ own statements on social media that he had no regrets demonstrate that his sentence should be sufficient to provide specific deterrence against committing future crimes,” wrote Assistant US Attorney Anthony L. Franks.

William’s attorney said his client changed tone before the trial, writing that he said, “Looking back now, I regret that people were injured, that human lives were lost, that some of the property is destroyed and roughly how it caused further division in our country between the parties,” the defense memo said.

But the prosecutor didn’t take it.

“That expression of regret only came when, faced with overwhelming evidence of his guilt, Williams had no choice but to confess some of his criminal behavior on Jan. 6 during his trial testimony,” the prosecutor said, adding: “This court it would now bear little weight.”

According to the FBI, Williams was “one of the first” to storm the U.S. Capitol and was one of the last to leave the roundabout. He called the attack “Operation Swamp Storm.”

Williams was also ordered to pay $7,000 and will be under surveillance for three years after his release. MLive reports.

Sixteen people from Michigan were arrested for their roles on Jan. 6, and Williams is the seventh to be convicted. More than 870 people have been arrested so far.

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