Memes and gaming come together in Switch Online’s new additions

Nintendo Switch Online’s Expansion Pack tier membership just got some legendary Sega Genesis games for the latest June 2022 update. One of those titles just happens to be Zero wing: a game that many have seen without even knowing it, thanks to the very iconic meme “All your base are belong to us”.

Zero Wing is a classic side-scrolling arcade shooter developed by Toaplan. The game was not only a success in arcades, but was also received positively on the Sega Genesis. While those gave the game a name, it gained a whole new following in the early 2000s thanks to a roughly translated cutscene that used the phrase “All your base is ours.” It became one of the first major memes on the internet.

A meme isn’t the only reason to get excited about these new Sega Expansion Pack additions. Participate Zero Wing is comix zone, yet another classic game Genesis is known for. This beat em’ up puts you in control of cartoonist Sketch Turner and throws you into the world of his comic book creations. Using his move set, pet rat, dynamite and other weapons you can find along the way, you must kick the comic ass and escape the paperback world.

Next is Mega Man: The Wily Wars, another game that has gained iconic status due to its place in gaming culture. This compilation combines Genesis remakes from Mega Man 1-3, but it never got a North American release originally. This addition marks the second time it has been officially released in the United States, the first being the feature on the Genesis Mini.

The last Genesis game added to Nintendo Switch Online is target earthoriginally released as Leynos attack suit in Japan. This run-and-gun pseudo-platformer is the first in the assault suit series.

All four games are now available with a subscription to Switch Online’s Expansion Pack.

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