Meghan Markle snubbed by mourners at Windsor Castle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would always have a bumpy ride, re-entering the royal fold as they joined the rest of the family to publicly mourn the passing of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

And it seems that at least one of the royal fans standing at Windsor Castle today couldn’t hide her feelings about them, as her brutal reaction to the showdown with Meghan Markle was caught on camera.

In a show of unity few saw coming, Meghan and Harry had put their differences aside and met mourners outside Windsor Castle with Prince William and wife Kate.

It was a surprising return to royal duties for Meghan and Harry, who left the royal family more than two years ago and fled to America for a brand-new life – and a series of all-encompassing interviews in which they publicly called “the firm,” claiming they had little support. and were even confronted with racism from the royal family.

Is all that water under the bridge now as the family gathers to mourn the queen? Maybe so, but it seems some monarchists hold more grudges.

As the Duchess of Sussex walked past the crowd of mourners, shaking every outstretched hand, a woman could be seen lowering her head and avoiding Meghan’s gaze.

After Meghan passed, the woman then looked up at the person next to her with a grin, shook her head and laughed.

Others around her seemed to pat the Duchess on the back, without reaching out for a greeting. Another woman was seen putting on her sunglasses when she came face to face with Meghan.

“Lady in the blue has none of it,” a viral tweet proclaimed, with a vision of the awkward moment being hastily recorded from a TV screen.

As the images spread, the debate raged.

“Who is this woman? I want to buy her a pint,” one person tweeted.

‚ÄúThis is so brilliantly British. I want to give a big hug to those ladies who were no eye contact, no warmth towards her, nothing. Empty and beyond!!! Well done,” said another.

Others were less impressed.

“It’s funny, the same people who complain about people disrespecting the Queen love the disrespect shown here,” one person tweeted.

“People who refuse to shake her hand are so pathetic,” said another.

With the eyes of the world on the royal family, it was one of the few awkward, unscripted moments that kicked off on social media this weekend. Another came from the new king, Charles III, who was caught on camera expressing his frustrations that his table hadn’t been cleared enough when he sat down to take the oath before his accession ceremony.

Meanwhile, official details of the Queen’s funeral have been released overnight from Buckingham Palace, and the ceremony will take place on Monday, September 19 at 11 a.m. (that’s 8 p.m. the same day here in Australian, AEST time).

Here in Australia, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has confirmed that Australians will be given a day off on the occasion of the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

A national day of mourning for the late monarch has been declared on September 22, the Thursday after the Prime Minister returns from the Queen’s funeral in London.

Originally published as Mourners’ brutal reaction to meeting Meghan, captured on camera

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