Lucinda Miller missing: woman disappears after catching a cab in Victoria

A woman has been missing for five days after she disappeared on her way home.

Lucinda Miller, 24, was last seen at 11 a.m. Sunday when she was dropped off by a driver about 1.5 miles from her home in West Gippsland, Victoria.

Police initially began a search in the dense bushland between where she had been dropped off and her home in Neerim South, about 70 miles east of Melbourne.

But now officers have expanded the search area following a possible sighting Monday of Ms. Miller several miles south of where she was last seen.

“We are talking to all property owners in that area and checking all rivers, creeks, roads, tracks,” said Victoria Police Inspector Peter Fusinato.

“So all property owners…be aware that she may have walked into your property and we’re just asking if you can check all your buildings or outbuildings but make sure no one has been there or Lucinda is still is in your property.”

Police have interviewed the driver of the rideshare, but do not believe they were involved in Ms Miller’s disappearance.

About 30 officers and dogs are searching for the missing woman.

Inspector Fusinato told the ABC that Ms. Miller may not want to be found.

“Maybe she went missing of her own volition or unfortunately hurt herself…. We’re not quite sure,” he said.

“But we’re working on the theory that Lucinda may not want the family to know she was coming home.”

Miller was last seen wearing a white top, green sweater, pink pants, hat, scarf and face mask.

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