Lost, MultiVersus, When dusk falls and more

Welcome to a new edition of This Week In Games Australia! As we slowly tunnel into August and the start of the holiday deluge, the list of new releases starts to heat up. This week is all about indies, freebies, expansions and remasters. MultiVersusWarner’s free-to-play lifts the Smash Bros formula arrives this week, as does Xbox’s new narrative indie like twilight Waterfalls.

July 19

When Dusk Comes (XSX, PC, XBO)

Xbox calls When dusk falls an ‘interactive narrative drama’ about a city, two families and the dark secrets between them for thirty years. It’s all pretty heavily stylized, using painted character stills during gameplay, while fully realizing and animating the world they inhabit. It looks like an interesting little experiment and I’ll definitely want to try it. Out Day One on Game Pass.

Endling: Extinction Is Forever (NS, PS4, XBO)

finally is a game where you play as the last mother fox on earth. It’s an environmentally conscious platformer where you try to keep your cubs alive in a world devastated by human greed and hubris. You are sure to cry. I see Ruby playing this and getting completely overwhelmed.

Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels Expansion (XSX, PC, XBO)

It is a widely recognized fact that a new Forza Horizon game must need a Hot Wheels expansion. These expacs are more than just branding exercise – they indulge the part of your brain that still wants to build insane Hot Wheels sets full of loop-the-loops, ramps and jumps. Playground takes care of all that for you and then gives you a hypercar to swing around the track. Have fun and a good excuse to come back.

MultiVersus (PS5, XSX, PC, NS, PS4, XBO)

I wasn’t completely sold MultiVersus until I played the beta a while back. Very much along the lines of a multiplayer fighter like Smash Brosso if you’ve had enough Smash Ultimate but you might want a whole new set of characters MultiVersus will fill that hole in your life. It is free to play, so be prepared for some aggressive earnings. July 19 is the date that Early Access to the game’s upcoming Open Beta period will begin, but will lead to a wider launch later on. You can get Early Access to the beta through Twitch drops. You can read how to enter here Over here.

Lost (PS5, PC, PS4)

Game of the week. A game about being a little cat in a forgotten cyberpunk town, strayed will be one of the sleeping hits of 2022. The decision to make the main character a cat is an interesting one. It opens up a whole world of design doors that would not have a human character. Really excited to play this one (as is Ruby, who has been talking about it for two weeks now). It’s coming to PlayStation Plus on day one.

21 July

Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance 2 (PC)

If you had regular multiplayer nights with your friends on Xbox in the early 2000s, you definitely have the Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance spell. This week a remaster of Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance II is coming to PC and I’m looking forward to reliving my childhood, for example. Fun, simple dungeon crawlers from the PS2/OG Xbox era. Give it a try if you haven’t done it before.

Soda Story: Brewing Tycoon (PC)

soda story is a management sim of Upper Class Walrus from Adelaide. The game is all about starting your own brewery and expanding it into a sprawling, money-making operation. This one looks like the kind of game I can throw some music and atmosphere on. Look forward. You can check out the Steam page here.

July 22

Live One Live (NS)

A JRPG classic from the SNES era recreated and remastered for the modern era. This one is coming exclusively to Switch (for now at least). A must-play for anyone with a lot of love for the golden age of JRPGs.

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