Let’s all pass judgment on this very weird Puma Active Gaming Seat

I want everyone to come in here and take a look at this Puma Active Gaming Seat.

Based on the design, you might think it’s less of a chair and more of a saddle. Here’s an instructional video straight from the marketing department in charge of selling this strange bit of gaming ephemera:

So you can rock back and forth on it depending on the intensity of the game. The rocking motion would definitely make it a little easier to get up from the thing if you’ve sat on it. However, the lack of arms convinced me that I would just slide off the thing if I let it rest for too long. There are also pockets on the sides in which you can store your peripherals and snacks.

Puma is, of course, a fitness and lifestyle brand, something that doesn’t transfer too often with games. The purpose of the chair seems to be a last-ditch effort to improve the gamer’s posture and prevent bending over. The idea is that the Puma Active Gaming Seat positions you in an “active” way, allowing you to move back and forth under your own power, while always maintaining the correct posture. That in itself is not a bad thing. But also, the man in the video has a great lounge right there in his house. How many people log in for some Duty In the evening will choose to sit on the Gamer Saddle when there is a comfortable sofa right there? You run into that with a product like this. Is it nicer to sit on than on my extremely comfortable couch?

I don’t know, gang. I like the spirit of the thing / I think it has the heart in the right place. But I don’t know who it is in front of.

Sound off in the comments. Would a Puma Active Gaming Seat mean something to you? Would you get one for the posture benefits? Or just to have such a strange piece of gaming accessories in the house? Let me know.

If you want one, you can get them from JB Hi-Fi, Amazon, PLE and other retailers in Australia.

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