Jordan Stephens Reveals The Most Romantic Thing He’s Done For Jade Thirlwall

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Jordan Stephens has revealed how he has been courting his girlfriend Jade Thirlwall, while his new series The Ex-Wife wonders how far people will go in the name of love.

The pop duo went public in 2020 with their romance and have been adorable non-stop ever since.

The Rizzle Kicks musician talked about his romantic side and shared a sweet story about how he tried to impress Thirlwall when sparks flew.

“When I first started dating Jade, I snuck out of bed first thing in the morning and drove around where we were staying to try and find her a croissant with crunchy spread and get back before she woke up and so she could wake up with that,” Stephens said in an exclusive chat with

“But then we went out for the first time and now we don’t like each other anymore,” he joked.

‘But I know many people fall in lust’ [instead of love] and then doing crazy things and one time I was heartbroken and one time I ran away to Brazil because I thought it was original, but it wasn’t.’

Searching for the latest project to sink his teeth into, Stephens was instantly hooked upon reading the script for The Ex-Wife.

Jordan Stephens and Jade Thirwall

Jordan Stephens and Jade Thirlwall have been dating for two years (Picture: Mike Marsland/WireImage)

Sam (Jordan Stephens), Baby Emily, Tasha (Celine Buckens), Jack (Tom Mison), and Jen (Janet Montgomery) in The Ex-Wife

Sam (Jordan Stephens), Baby Emily, Tasha (Celine Buckens), Jack (Tom Mison) and Jen (Janet Montgomery) in The Ex-Wife (Picture: Paramount Plus)

“Oh, I was completely captivated and read the scripts right away and back to back,” he said.

“I was amazed and knew how good the story was.”

His comments come shortly after the release of the new drama, based on Jess Ryder’s novel of the same name.

At the start of the four-part series, the woman at the center of it all, Tasha (played by Celine Buckens) predicts that “love can justify almost anything, if you believe it hard enough,” as she apparently runs her husband Jack’s. (Tom Mison’s) ex-wife Jen (Janet Montgomery) off the road.

“It can make us all do terrible things,” she adds.

While Tasha lives the dream with the perfect home, a loving husband and their beautiful daughter Emily, there’s also a blemish on the wedding landscape – Jen is always around and seems determined to stay in the picture.

Tasha (Celine Buckens) and Sam (Jordan Stephens)

Tasha (Celine Buckens) and Sam (Jordan Stephens) rekindle their friendship (Picture: Paramount Plus)

In the series, Stephens plays Tasha’s best friend Sam, with whom she has a falling out after becoming pregnant.

Things are complicated by the fact that the couple had a one-night stand right before the affair, which left him feeling a little dejected.

As he seizes his chance to rebuild bridges after Tasha reaches out again, there are hidden motives behind his return.

There are plenty of twists and turns and the intentions of all four keep audiences on the edge of their seats in this fast paced psychological thriller.

Around the same time their friendship is rekindled, things come to a head with Jen, who seems to become increasingly erratic and unpredictable.

At the same time, Jack becomes distant and Tasha struggles to keep up in a world of extreme wealth next to people much older than her.

“I think Sam’s role in the show, which is very important, is to remind the audience that Tasha is a fish in water,” Stephens said.

“Sam gets caught up in manners, you’ll see. He’s doing normal business for someone in his twenties who hangs out, drinks and plays video games, while in a strange scenario Tasha has ended up in a beautiful house with a red wine drinking stalker.’

Sam (Jordan Stephens) and Tasha (Celine Buckens)

Sam may seem like an outsider, but are his intentions pure? (Photo: Paramount Plus)

Incredibly coy about how his character is wrapped up in the drama, Stephens said they’re all more layered than just being good or bad.

“They all have the best intentions, but a real sign of good writing is where a character’s morality is ambiguous,” he said.

“When we see the humanity in characters and their potential for fallibility and their ability to do good, we have to find that balance, and I think this show does that really well and that’s why I did it.”

Stephens relished the chance to try and distract the audience from how it all turned out, teasing that the baby might have a “shadow side” of her own.

But, he adds, the series really has “the potential to scare people.”

“Not knowing what to believe is something we can all identify with and the appeal of a pretty face or house or a colorful sweater can sometimes throw us off our intuition a bit and I think we’ve all had that feeling that we feeling tells us one thing, but our mind tells us another and I think that’s why we’re drawn to these kinds of stories,” he said.

Eager to get his girlfriend’s approval for this project, Stephens watched previews of the series with Thirlwall, who initially gave little away.

“We watched it together and my girlfriend likes these kinds of shows, so the first episode is over and I’m sitting there overanalyzing my scenes and she doesn’t say anything and then goes. . . “it is well”. But that’s how I know it was good and she really liked it,” he laughed.

Rizzle kicks

Stephens performing with Rizzle Kicks bandmate Harley Alexander-Sule (Picture: Samir Hussein/WireImage)

Stephens and bandmate Harley Alexander-Sule, best known as part of the hugely successful hip-hop duo Rizzle Kicks, have never officially split, but have each been releasing music as solo artists for several years now.

In addition to his music career, Stephens is involved in acting (he has had roles in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Catastrophe and Starstruck), podcasting, presenting and, most recently, becoming a children’s book author.

“I know, it’s exhausting,” he replied when asked how he found the time to juggle everything.

‘I’m going to break the Guinness World Record for the most cartwheels in Asia,’ he joked at first, before adding, ‘if this year for whatever reason I give the most sensible and honest answer many seeds are ripe and that’s probably why it seems chaotic.

‘I just like to express myself, that’s it and I’m just as exhausted as everyone else; but sometimes I envy those with one creative path who can and can focus on one thing.’

The ex-wife is available to stream on Paramount Plus.

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