Jack Russells lead rescuers to missing elderly owner’s location

An older one Queensland The man’s two dogs have been declared heroes of a multi-day search after leading rescuers to their owner’s location.

David John Grimes, an 86-year-old man from Penwhaupell, in the North Burnett region of central Queensland, went missing for two days before being found covered in rocks and partially submerged in water.

The man had gone for a walk with his two Jack Russell terriers in the bush near his home on Monday afternoon.

David Grimes went missing after walking his dogs near bushland at his home, near Bundaberg, central Queensland.
David Grimes went missing after walking his dogs near bushland at his home, near Bundaberg. (Queensland Police)

When he didn’t return that evening, his family raised the alarm.

During the two nights Grimes was missing, temperatures dropped below 10 degrees, raising serious concerns for his safety.

Searches were conducted from land and air, using a Bundaberg rescue helicopter, SES crews and police divers.

Family, aided by volunteers on quad bikes and horses, helped emergency services investigate the site.

Rescue Mission North Burnett Queensland
The man’s two Jack Russell terriers alerted the search crew about the man’s location. (Queensland Police)

It was Grimes’s two dogs that eventually led the search for the man on Wednesday.

The two dogs were found when they started barking at a volunteer’s horse.

“The searchers realized that the pets belonged to the missing man, prompting them to thoroughly search the immediate area,” said a RACQ Lifeflight spokesperson.

“They found him obscured by rocks and partially submerged in water.”

North Burnett Region Rescuer and Dogs
SES crews, police divers, a rescue helicopter and volunteers on quad bikes and horses all assisted in the search. (RACQ life flight)
The man was treated by paramedics for hypothermia and flown to Bundaberg Hospital. (RACQ Lifeflight Court)

It is believed that Grimes fell during his walk and was covered in rubble.

Rescuers said the man was “extremely difficult to spot,” adding that he may not have been found without the dogs’ help.

The rescue helicopter, which was tasked with the search by the police, landed nearby.

The Queensland Ambulance Service and paramedic treated the man for hypothermia.

He was flown to Bundaberg Hospital for treatment.

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