How the company benefits from the Dubai Plan 2040

Salik CEO Ibrahim Al-Haddad said the high volume of requests has led to an increase in the percentage of offering “Salik” in the Dubai Financial Market, confirming investor confidence in Dubai-based companies.

Al-Haddad added, in an interview with Al-Arabiya, today, Thursday, on the sidelines of the start of trading in the shares of “Salik” in the Dubai market, that the demand for the company’s shares 49 times greater than supply, as a total volume, noting that if companies or basic investors were excluded, the volume of the company’s stock would exceed supply. Demand is nearly 57 times greater.

He stressed that the company will benefit from the Dubai 2040 plan, which aims to grow the city’s population to 70% over the next 20 years, which is more than any percentage in the region.

Al-Haddad explained that one of the goals of the plan is also to receive 25 million visitors by the year 2025, in addition to hosting leading international events that will reach more than 400 events in the coming period, stressing that all this will be in the interest of Salik.

He pointed out that the Salik gates are located in strategic areas in Dubai and undoubtedly benefit from the economic events organized by the emirate.

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