How Jessica Alba Prioritizes Herself, Benefits Her Whole Family

As for the 41-year-old’s other practice, she will sometimes opt for a workout that doesn’t feel like it.

“With Nintendo Switch Sports and the active options they have, it’s a fun thing to do,” she explained, before noting that the brand is coming up with golf this holiday season. “You forget you’re doing fitness because you’re moving and having fun.”

Jessica commented that not only does playing video games make her heart beat faster, but it is also a great way to spend time with her husband. Cash Warren and their three children: Honour14, and port11, and Hayes4.

The mother of three also shared another family activity they implemented at the dinner table: “We ask for your rose and thorn of the day.”

“What did you learn from a challenge that day and what was your favorite part of the day,” Jessica said of the questions they ask each other, adding that she and Cash are “very honest about what we went through that day.”

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