Horoscope Scorpio for July 2022

Your July Horoscope for Scorpio

Scorpio is a sign that likes to keep its focus. Friends and family see that you’re intense, but that’s what’s so admirable in you. Once you’ve created a goal, stick to it and see through it — no excuses.

My mother, who taught me astrology, once told me that while Virgo gets a lot of credit for being a perfectionist, and indeed their work is always thorough, polished and of the highest quality, Scorpio’s work is likewise, and the astrological text has never underlined that truth enough. My father was a Scorpio and I can say with good authority that my father was also a perfectionist, so I believe my mother was right. (I would find she was always right!)

This month will focus on traveling, if you want to go, but knowing how careful you are to do the best work possible and to always be responsible for your service to your customers and bosses, it can be hard for you to leave. to slip in for a vacation. I think you need to find a way to travel in July as your professional life will get pretty active soon. It might be hard to leave in August. July will be your joyful time to go.

Stay with me till the end, because your biggest moment of the month will happen at the end of the month with the new moon in Leo. First, we have so much to discuss.

The month begins with the support of a beautiful new moon, which actually appeared before July arrived, on June 28, in the compatible sign of Cancer, 7 degrees. That auspicious new moon will carry a strong current for the next few weeks, and it will coax you into a very long journey, either overseas or to a location that requires your passport. This new moon comes with nice support from Uranus, so chances are your partner will surprise you with a spontaneous travel idea. Saturn is in your fourth house, so if you have to move, you may find the perfect space early in the month. Alternatively, if you’re traveling, there’s some evidence that with a new moon in Cancer, you’d be taking your ninth home, your kids, and maybe one or both parents too.

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