Health: Provide reproductive health services to 615,000 women in the first half of 2022

Mona Zeidan

Posted on: Wednesday 27 July 2022 – 13:19 | Last update: Wednesday 27 July 2022 – 13:19

• Health: 11 million and 370 thousand visits to family planning departments benefiting from reproductive health services
The Ministry of Health and Population announced the free delivery of reproductive health services and family planning methods to 615,545 “beneficiary” women in the first half of 2022, through mobile reproductive health clinics and convoys in all governments, in the context of health concerns. and family development and achieving “Egypt Vision 2030” ».

dr. Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, the official spokesperson for the Ministry of Health and Population, stated that the Ministry provided free family planning services and resources through 771 reproductive health convoys and 13,745 visits to mobile clinics, in addition to 3 promotional campaigns, which were implemented in remote areas and areas for first careers at the Republic level. He pointed out that 185,942 new women benefited from family planning services, which are provided free of charge.

He said the ministry provides technical support to the clinics affiliated with NGOs by training the medical teams that work in them to provide quality family planning services, and that they are provided with free and periodic family planning methods according to their needs, pointing out that the total result of the funds reached 98,729 beneficiaries of Via 484 subsidized clinics, 419 clinics affiliated with NGOs and 65 clinics affiliated with the “2 Enough” project.

dr. Hossam Abbas, head of the Population and Family Planning Sector, for his part, indicated that the total number of visits by beneficiaries to family planning units was 11,370,287 visits, including 1,166,735 new beneficiaries, indicating the disbursement of 14,228,298 resources of different nature.

He said 8,638,730 home visits were conducted by rural women pioneers in all governorates of the Republic, where they conducted 490,705 educational seminars to raise awareness of family planning services and resources, promote health services and raise community health awareness.

He added that 151,360 seminars were held in sororities to raise awareness of reproductive health issues, and 101,884 women were trained in a number of crafts, such as handicrafts, leather products, sewing and knitting, and the establishment of 2,381 product exhibitions, pointing to the opening of 969 literacy classes in sororities in the governments of the Republic, believing in the importance of supporting women’s development, raising the economic level of Egyptian families and increasing women’s decision-making capacity, including especially the decision to have children, within the objectives of improving demographic characteristics.

He added that 1,091 trainings were conducted in all governorates for service providers and technical supervisors on how to install modern devices and use ultrasound devices, provide advice and services for family planning methods in hospitals after childbirth and abortion, in addition to educating women leaders in rural areas on the developed program to update information among educated populations and increase their efficiency.

He emphasized the continued activation of the free family planning hotline service and reproductive health advice (we are with you) at 08008880800 to answer questions from women about family planning methods and services, respond to rumors and women to lead places to the maintenance.

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