Harrison Ford Gets Emotional Display ‘Indiana Jones 5’ At D23 Expo

You’ll have to keep calling it indian jones 5 for a while. A presentation of the film’s first footage was shown at Disney’s D23 Expo, but the title card only identified it as “Indiana Jones.” What exactly the intrepid researcher is looking for remains a mystery for now.

The film was announced in 2016 and was slated to be released in 2019. Spoiler: That didn’t happen. The movie that would return Harrison Ford until his most iconic role as the whipping archaeologist remained slated for 2021, but that too fell through. Then Steven Spielberg stepped down as director with Ford v. Ferrari filmmaker James Mangold take over, and cameras And last but not least started to roll.

Now the film is in the can and is destined for the cinema next summer, on June 30 – in honor of the scouts. Mangold told the audience that he collaborated with composer John Williams yesterday on the score for the film.

“I’m very proud to say that this one is fantastic,” Ford told the crowd. “And this is one of the reasons,” he added, noting… Phoebe Waller Bridge, the film’s female lead, who said, “I had the time of my life making this film. It’s exhausting keeping up with this man.”

Sometimes an emotional Ford choked, promising that this would be his last time as a character. “Maybe for the last…” he began, shouting “no!” provoked. out of the crowd. “Not could be‘ he emphasized. “This is it. I won’t fall for you anymore.”

The teaser footage showed Jones reuniting with his old friend Sallah (John Rhys-Davies), and overlooking a room full of tough men next to Waller-Bridge. The hero repeatedly cracks his whip in the scene and yells at the villains to “come back”, but they all respond by drawing their guns – a recall to the original Raiders of the Lost Arkand the swordsman who blinds with his swords before Jones casually shoots him.

The new Indy movie was just one of the titles featured at Disney’s D23 Expo on Saturday, following a day showing the series of princess-focused projects: live-action versions of The little Mermaid and snow whiteand a new animation feature Wish.

Other news from the D23 Expo


Val KilmerThe swordsman Madmartigan will not be in the new show based on the 1988 Ron Howard movie Willowbut star Warwick Davis told the audience that “an old friend of his” will appear. Christian Slater took the stage to announce that he will be taking on an undisclosed role in the series, which debuts on Disney+ on November 30.

D23 is underway, keep an eye out for updates.

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