Florence Pugh’s see-through Valentino dress attracted a lot of attention, but another fashion label demanded 100K after the show

Florence Pugh said she knew she would make a lot of noise when she wore a sheer pink dress to a recent Valentino fashion show in Rome. The look went viral and has become a focal point of the event, especially after Pugh defended “fucking free”[ing] the damn nipples” in a candid message. Apart from that, however, there were also some problems between Valentino, who set up the show, and the separate fashion house Dior, which demanded $100,000 after the event.

Why Dior Demanded Valentino Pay Them After the Viral Fashion Show

I’ve seen fashionistas argue Emily in Paris, but apparently this kind of behavior translates to real life too. According to Christian Dior, the now infamous Valentino show blocked customers from accessing the rival fashion brand’s luxury store. The crowd of celebrities who attended the event, including Pugh, as well as Anne Hathaway, Andrew Garfield and many, many others, were not the only spectators. Reports even show that there was a crowd in front of the Spanish Steps, and therein allegedly lies the problem.

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