Ex-WWE personality has a chance to win Liv Morgan for her recent brawl against top star

Jim Cornette shot at Liv Morgan after her recent brawl against Ronda Rousey on SmackDown.

After Rousey’s recent win over Natalya on the blue mark, she faced Morgan in the lead up to their match at Extreme Rules. The 28-year-old walked to the ring with a baseball bat in hand.

Talk about the Jim Cornette Experience, Cornette claimed that Morgan had trouble lifting the baseball bat. He went on to talk about her swinging the bat just for Rousey to kick her in the stomach.

“Then there’s music playing here and Liv Morgan comes out with a baseball bat. So now you have this ridiculous plastic painted Barbie, all six feet and 92 pounds of her, dragging a baseball bat. I thought maybe it was because it was too heavy for her to lift. And then they stand there and look at each other, her and Ronda, and then she goes to swing the bat at Ronda and Ronda just kicks her in the stomach.” said Jim Cornette [H/T: TJR Wrestling]

Jim Cornette further criticized Liv Morgan for her attempts to hit Ronda Rousey with the bat

In the continuation of the same conversation, Jim Cornette further criticized Liv Morgan for hitting the baseball three feet above the site of Ronda Rousey’s head.

He hinted that Morgan would have exposed himself and Rousey at the same time.

“Then she stops her and then she starts rocking again. And Ronda ducks and Liv Morgan hits the ring post three feet above where Ronda Rousey’s head was. I mean there was no chance of an accident here. Why would you even do such a thing, you can see where the human is standing in front of you? So wave and if they don’t move, apologize, right?” Jim Cornette said

Cornette went on to add that Morgan should have tried swinging the bat and at least trying to make it look good.

“But if you know they’re going to move and you make an effort to make it look good, you’re swinging somewhere close to where their head used to be. Maybe try straight over the up or to the side or just hope they bend down or whatever [go] three feet, just in case.” added Jim Cornette

Morgan will once again defend her SmackDown Women’s Championship Ronda Rousey at the upcoming Extreme Rules show.

Has a respected WWE Hall of Famer here predicted a major title change at Extreme Rules?

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