Dreyfus vows to investigate whether he has ‘violated’ ministerial code of conduct: Clennell

Attorney General Mark Dreyfus promised on Thursday during Question Time to investigate whether or not he had “violated” the new ministerial code of conduct, said Sky News political editor Andrew Clennell.

Mr. Clennell said the potential violation involves Mr. Dreyfus holding his investment in a managed fund where there may be “significant interest in litigants who have benefited from a government decision.”

“The Ministerial Code does not permit ministers to hold common stock and only permits ministers to invest in managed funds” where the fund or trust does not invest significantly in a business sector that could give rise to a conflict of interest with the public Minister’s job,’ said Mr Clennell.

Kristy McBain, Ged Kearney and Tim Ayres have already had to sell their shares after questions from Sky News about the ministerial code.

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